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Cindy's 5K Poker Walk for Epilepsy

Cindy's 5K Poker Walk for Epilepsy

This past week has been a really busy one!  As anyone reading this blog will know, it was my first week in solo practice.  Amidst contacting my clients, building the appropriate infrastructure, marketing, building a website, contacting business partners and updating all my contact information, I actually had a lot of client work to do as well.

But all that stopped on Sunday morning so that my family and I could participate in the annual Cindy’s 5K Poker Walk to raise awareness and funds for the BC Epilepsy Society.

Those who know me know that my youngest daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy about two years ago and that after turning to the BC Epilepsy Society for support in our time of need, I decided to give back to our community by joining their board.

The 5 km walk started at 8:30 am at the Kerrisdale Arena in Vancouver and took us through the magnificent streets of Shaughnessy and then back to the arena.  The walk is part of the annual Shaughnessy Road Race and the 2011 Vancouver Sun Run series.  It is an incredibly well-organized event and I would definitely recommend it.  While we were walking, cycling, pushing strollers and riding scooters to raise money for the BC Epilepsy Society, men and women of all ages were running 8 km through the same course to compete for the best times (or their personal best times).

This year’s turnout was even better than the year before and the weather couldn’t have been better!  Attendees included individuals affected by epilepsy, their family, friends and generous people willing to help make a difference in the lives of so many people here in British Columbia (it is estimated that 1 out of 12 people will have a seizure in their lifetime and about 1 in 100 Canadians have epilepsy).

This year my wife and I walked while our two youngest “rode their scooters”.  Actually, they rode their scooters for a couple of blocks, had us push them while standing on their scooters for a few kilometres and then had us carry their scooters and helmets for the remaining distance while complaining that their feet hurt.  While we would have preferred that the kids did the entire walk under their own power, the main point is that we were able to demonstrate to them the importance of charity and giving back to their community.

Karen and I have made participating in this walk one of our annual fundraising events and if anyone is interested in joining us for future walks or to raise money for the BC Epilepsy Society, please contact me or Karen for further information or visit the BC Epilepsy Society’s website at

Welcome to part one of my very first blog.  While I had lots of ideas about what I was going to write about, I thought I would use my first blog to describe the events of my last few days, which for most of us was the Victoria Day long weekend.

On Friday morning I commenced what was a relatively short but action-packed process for starting my new solo law practice.  The first order of business was determining what needed to be done and in which order.  It seemed obvious that, other than drawing upon my experience in years of practice, I would need two other very important things – clients and computers.  Given that I love technology, I didn’t have to worry about sourcing computers, printers, webcams, iPhones or iPads, because I already had the “latest and greatest”.  That meant I had to focus on getting clients, or marketing.

For most businesses, all you need to do is decide that you’re going to market and then decide upon the approaches that you’re going to take to do so.  Generally speaking, businesses market both directly and in a general manner.  Direct marketing is achieved by developing relationships with clients and contacts, while general marketing is achieved by advertising and social media.

I decided that I would tackle the direct marketing and leave the social media to the experts.  Fortunately, I am blessed to have amazing and incredibly talented friends and family.

My brother-in-law Roger got right to work on my website.  That you’re reading this blog today is a testament to his skills and dedication to his family.  Thank you Roger, I’m sure you had better things to do on this long weekend (for instance enjoying the Canucks taking a 3-1 series lead over the Sharks).  If you ever need a lawyer, I know where you can find a good one!

A good website needs both content and images, so I got right to work on writing content.  I posted my first article on the “Multimedia” page and, now, my first blog.  While I like to think that I can write a “mean article”, everyone knows that the editor is the most important person in the process.  Again, I drew upon my family to help with this.

My wife Karen, who is also a lawyer and a big part of why my practice has been and will be successful, has been writing case summaries for Quicklaw for the past few years.  Quicklaw is an electronic legal research database that provides court decisions from all levels, news reports, statutes, journals, and other legal commentary.  She has also written various chapters for Halsbury’s Laws of Canada, which is a comprehensive legal encyclopaedia, so she knows a thing or two about the law and writing.  For more information about Karen, see her bio on our “About Us” page.

The other thing that a good website needs is photographs, both of lawyers and of meaningful landmarks.  Once again, I was able to draw upon a friend and fellow Leafs fan to handle this part.  While I had asked Jeff, an amateur photographer, to simply take a couple of head shots of Karen and me and to let us use a few of his many incredible shots of the local area, , he decided to up the ante.

First, he called upon his friend Marion, who is a professional photographer and an amazing person, to come over to our house on a long weekend to photograph us.  Marion not only took some great photos of us but she rounded up my two youngest children and took pictures of them as well. I still can’t believe she got them to co-operate!  Marion, you are amazing and we thank you!  The pictures haven’t yet been posted because they were only taken a few hours ago!

Jeff has already sent me some amazing images for the website, and will be sending more in the days to come.  Jeff, I can’t thank you enough for everything that you’ve done, you are really a great friend!

Check again in a day or so and you’ll see some of Marion and Jeff’s handiwork.

Rounding out the social media aspect of my marketing plan are my LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.  Please click on the icons on this page to connect to those accounts.  In the days to come our Facebook page and YouTube channel should be up and running so, once again, keep checking in regularly!

Coming soon:  Going it on Your Own – Part 2

~ Steve

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