COVID-19 Office Entry Policies

At Magellan Law, we take the health and safety of our clients, our team and others who may attend our office very seriously.  As our physical office has re-opened, we have developed the following policies regarding entry to our office:

  1. If you are feeling unwell or have travelled outside Canada within the last 14 days, please DO NOT ENTER.
  2. Please use the mail slot to drop off any items or papers that will fit through the mail slot.
  3. To gain entry to our office, please ring the doorbell and someone will let you in.
  4. Please use hand sanitizer upon entry.
  5. Masks are required for all in-office meetings.  If you do not have a mask we will be pleased to provide one.

We assure you that the above does not impact our ability to provide exceptional service, legal advice and support.  If you wish to meet with one of our lawyers or staff, please make an appointment.

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