Our Commitment to You

Magellan lawyers will always:

  • provide superior legal services to clients in a timely fashion and at competitive rates;
  • treat every client with dignity and respect;
  • provide extraordinary value for both individual and business clients;
  • provide sound legal and practical advice to achieve cost-effective results;
  • be innovative in both the services we provide and the way we deliver those services;
  • recognize that every question and concern you bring to us is important and requires a prompt and attentive response from us; and
  • be passionate about improving the community in which we serve.

Lawyers in British Columbia are regulated by the Law Society of British Columbia and the lawyers at Magellan are committed to practise law and represent our clients in accordance with the Code of Professional Conduct, which includes the following duties:

  • Whenever the dispute will admit of fair settlement the client should be advised to avoid or to end the litigation.
  • A lawyer should treat adverse witnesses, litigants, and counsel with fairness and courtesy, refraining from all offensive personalities. The lawyer must not allow a client’s personal feelings and prejudices to detract from the lawyer’s professional duties. At the same time the lawyer should represent the client’s interests resolutely and without fear of judicial disfavour or public unpopularity.
  • A lawyer should endeavour by all fair and honourable means to obtain for a client the benefit of any and every remedy and defence which is authorized by law.

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